Monday, August 5, 2013

Shelter7, private apartment for rent in Ghent, Belgium

Shelter7 is a private apartment and meeting space for short-term rent, located in the historic city centre of Ghent, Belgium. The three level house has been beautyfully renovated and furnished with a mix of vintage and designer furniture (with names as Joe Colombo, Mathieu Matégot and Arne Jacobsen) carefully selected by Frederic Hooft and accessories by Veva van Sloun, from the online concept store I/Object. The interior architecture is also a mix between classic and modern, with old wood staircases and floors contrasting with clean lined concrete and metal.
concrete kitchen and wood staircase at shelter7

sphere shaped ceiling at shelter7

vintage chairs and wooden floor at shelter7

minimalist stairs against concrete wall at shelter7

vintage leather sofa at shelter7

black built in plywood storage in bedroom at shelter7